Sunday, February 4, 2018

Conference Taper Announcement

Taper- Throughout the season the body's muscles are broken down and rebuilt during practices and meets.  Once we start tapering, we swim less yards and allow our muscles to rebuild and become prepared for the most important part of the season.

Guys that are tapering for conference over the next two weeks should be trying to do these things in order to make their taper more effective:
1. Rest - Try not to put stress on your body (doing physical activities, etc.)
2. Eat properly - stay away from fatty junk foods
- Good snacks: unsalted nuts, rice cakes, multi-grain wheat thins, peanut butter, popcorn (no butter/salt), tostitos + salsa, and fruit.
- Good meals: fish, skinless chicken, vegetables, pasta or rice
3. Drink water - Keep drinking lots of water throughout the day
4. Sleep - make sure that you are getting 7-9 hours
5. Mentally prepare yourself - Visualize your races before you go to sleep at night,
- start with your warm-up for your event
- waiting behind the blocks
- the starting official asking you to step up, take your mark and the buzzer going off
- think about your what you have to do in your event, think about any stroke errors that you have and visualize yourself correcting them during your race.
- finish strong, look up to the scoreboard and see the goal that you have set

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