Thursday, February 22, 2018

Conference Meet Details

Friday and Saturday we will have conference prelims and finals at Northview High School.  They do not have as much seating as Calvin College so if you are planning to attend, please keep that in mind.  Here is the conference information sheet, it will have prices of admission, etc.

Please make sure you pack some healthy food/snacks and water for the meet tomorrow.  We will be at the pool from 10:00am - about 3:30pm with no lunch break.  It will be important as well to pack an extra towel, you will need it!  

Each swimmer will be in 2-4 events in prelims, if we have anyone finish an individual event in the top 24 in prelims, they will swim on finals day (teams may not have more than 4 individuals in top 16 for scoring).  On finals we usually try to get everyone at least one swim if they do not make finals in an individual event, but may be in a total of 2 relays.  You will be able to cheer on your teammates as well!

After conference, we will be finishing up our season next Wednesday with the Shave meet (If you are on the state team, you most likely will not be at the shave meet).  We will have practice on Monday and Tuesday next week looking ahead.   

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