Tuesday, March 5, 2013

State Week details

- After our practice from 6-8pm we will be going out to eat as a state team.

- State team athletes will be dismissed from class after 5th hour (lunch break).
- They will then go to practice at Calvin from 1:15-3:00pm.
- After practice we will go to school, drop off vehicles, pick up gear, then leave for the hotel around 3:30.
- Once we get to the hotel we will check in and then go out to dinner at Macaroni Grill.
- After dinner we will go back to the hotel, prepare for Prelims and have a team meeting.

- Breakfast at the hotel.
- Prelims @ EMU
- Tickets will go on sale at 10:15am for spectators.
- Diving Warmup is 9:00-11:15am.
- Swimming Warmup is 10-11:50am.
- Backstroke flags placed in competition pool at 11:15am.
- Swimming Prelims begin at 12:00pm.
- Diving Warmup will begin approximately at 3:00pm.
- Diving Prelims will begin 4:00pm.
- Dinner at Cottage Inn.

- Breakfast at the hotel.
-Diving Warmup is 9:00-11:15am.
- Swimming Warmup is 10:00-11:50am.
- Backstroke flags placed in competition pool at 11:15am.
- Swimming and Diving Finals begin at 12:00pm.
- Head home and stop somewhere to eat on the way.

Each athlete will get a certain amount of money from the school for meals, you may want to bring along a some extra cash just in case.
Admission for prelims and finals each day will be $8.00 and programs will be $4.00

If you have any other questions, please let Jeremy know.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Schedule (March 4 - March 9)

Monday State Practice @ Calvin College 6-8pm

Tuesday Diving Regionals @ EGR 5pm
Tuesday State Swim Practice @ Calvin College 6-8pm

Wednesday State Practice @ Calvin College 6-8pm

Thursday State Practice @ Calvin College 1:15-3pm (The State team will be able to be excused from class early to practice and head out to the hotel)

Friday State Prelims @ EMU 12:00pm Meet Start

Saturday State Finals @ EMU 12:00pm Meet Start

Complete information for the state meet this weekend will be coming Monday night after practice. 

If you have any question please call/text/email Jeremy.