Monday, April 9, 2012

Team Jackets

This year we bought new personal jackets but also handed out the older team jackets.

The following students still need to turn in their team jackets:
Aldrink, Beezhold, DeGraaf, Faulk, Hoekstra, Langeweg, Otte, Primus, Schroder, Smalley, Sprik, Stevens, VanHarn, Warners.

Please turn these in ASAP to Pype at the bookstore.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Off-season Opportunities

Here are some off-season opportunities:

On Campus:

- Summer Weightlifting

- School Year Weightlifting

Off Campus: 

- Calvin College Diving Lessons

- Calvin College Diving Skills and Conditioning

- Calvin College Swim Lessons

- Calvin College Swim Team

- EGRA Waves (Club)

- Rapids Area YMCA Swimmers "RAYS" (Club)

- Total Performance Swim Camps

If you know of any other swimming or diving camps, oppourtunuties, etc. 
Please email me at