Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Eve Practice Change

The practice for Thu-31-Dec has been moved back one hour. It will now run from 10:45am - 1:00pm at Ottawa Hills. We apologize for the late notice and trust that you understand that since the pool is not ours, we are at the mercy of the Ottawa Hills and Creston teams for scheduling. This change is the result of a last-minute change from those teams' schedules.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Practice Changes

  • Tue-29-Dec: 1:45 - 5:00pm at Ottawa Hills
  • Wed-30-Dec: 1:45 - 5:00pm at Ottawa Hills
  • Thu-31-Dec: 9:45am - noon at Ottawa Hills
  • Fri-1-Jan: no practice
  • Sat-2-Jan: 1:45 - 5:00pm at Ottawa Hills
Please note that practice start time indicates the time swimmers should arrive at the pool. They are expected to be in the water 15 minutes after the posted start time. So when you see a 1:45pm start time, that means in the water at 2:00pm sharp. We have updated the team calendar to reflect these changes.

We'll be posting details on Monday's practice and on Tuesday's meet at West Ottawa as soon as we have that information.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Party at Boer's House!

It's time for our first team and family party of the season! Athletes should head over to Boer's right after practice. Families can join them around 5:30pm.
  • Date: Monday, December 28
  • Time: after practice (5:30pm or so)
  • Location: Boer's house (map)
  • What to bring:

Click here to view the above document on its own page.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New 2 You Sign-Up

Please sign up for the New 2 You Shoppe. We have more slots to fill and we need your support. This is a great fundraiser for our swimmers!

You can sign up for one of our scheduled dates here.

Beth VanPortfliet

Results from West Michigan Relays

The official results from Saturday's West Michigan Relays are now available on the Meet Results page.

Christmas Eve Practice Re-rescheduled!

Practice on Thursday will now be from 9:45am to noon at Ottawa Hills, NOT at East Kentwood as previously announced. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Also, Saturday's practice will be 2:00 - 5:00pm at Ottawa Hills. The annual water polo game begins at 4:00pm. Any alumni swimmers are welcome to come to Ottawa Hills at 4:00pm and join the game.

Parents: Social Dues

Parents, if you have not paid your Swim Team dues, please do so immediately. You can send a check for $25.00 made out to JEAN ARENT, to practice and give to Erik Arent or mail to:
4974 Cedar Ridge NE
Grand Rapids, MI

Our first event is coming up and we need to pay for supplies.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time change Important: Wednesday's practice has been changed to 11am-2pm

Monday, December 21, 2009

Time change Important: Tuesday's practice has been changed to 11am-2pm

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

West Michigan Relays Sat-19-Dec

Location: Holland Aquatic Center
  • 8:00am - Be at GRCHS for a one-way bus (bus needs to leave by 8:10)
  • 9:00-10:45am - Swimming & Diving Warm-up
  • 9:00am - Bleachers open for spectators
  • 11:00am - Swimming & Diving Competition starts
The meet usually takes around 4 hours, and may finish earlier.

The meet is a relay meet for A and B relays, so some swimmers are no required to go because there are not enough events. The following athletes are not required to go to the meet:
  • Alex Debat
  • Phillip Recker
  • Greg Bylsma
  • Keaton Safar
  • Micah Warners
  • John Degraaf
  • Kody Faulk
  • Hudson Liverance
  • Colin Mosier
  • Trevor VanderZee
  • Will VanderPols
If any of these athletes would like to practice, he can take the snow day workout and try to get in a pool.

Results from Grandville/Byron Center Meet

Grandville – 120, Eagles – 66; Eagles – 141, Byron Center – 45
Swimmers of the meet: Mitchell Schroder, Jacob Stevens, Mark Randall, Matt VanHarn
Diver of the meet: Bradon Muilenburg
State qualifiers:
200 medley relay—Jack VanAllsburg, Andrew VanderLei, Erik Arent, Nate Leppink
200 free—Jono Jonker
200 IM—Andrew VanderLei
100 Fly—Erik Arent
500 Free—Grant Ludema
100 Breast—Andrew VanderLei

You can view the official results on the Meet Results page.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quest Concession Stand Reschedule

For those of you who were assigned to work the Quest Center concession stand on Thu-14-Jan, you may have noticed that when the Union meet was rescheduled, it conflicted with your concession stand time slot. Not to worry. Your concession stand time slot has been rescheduled to Tue-9-Feb. We have also updated the team calendar.

Here's the Quest Center concession stand schedule for your reference:

Click here to view the schedule on a separate page.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Meet Tue-15-Dec at Grandville

  • Meet starts: 6:30pm
  • Athletes board bus at GRCHS: 4:30pm (All athletes must meet at GRCHS All City Gym entrance and ride the team bus to Grandville.)
  • Click here for directions to Grandville High School pool.
  • Grandville will probably provide a meal for athletes after the meet.
  • No bus for the return trip. Athletes must arrange their own ride home.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Party Clarification and Sign-up Reminder

Dear Parents,

Thanks to all of you who have signed up for food contributions for after-meet meals. We rely on your tangible support! This is also a reminder to those who have not signed up yet to please do so. Click here to sign up to bring meal provisions, volunteer at New 2 You, or to check on your Quest Center concession stand assignment.

The party on Monday, December 28 is for families as well as swimmers. It's good to celebrate the hard work of swimmers and the support of families. Plus, the parents can get to know one another in a relaxed setting.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Practice as Scheduled Fri-11-Dec

Despite the snow day, swim practice will take place as scheduled today at 6:15pm at Calvin College.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swim Practice Announcement

Parents and Swimmers:

We find ourselves in the midst of a winter wonderland once again! The meet with Jenison has been cancelled and so we, as a coaching staff, would like to hold a practice this evening (Thursday, 12/10). THIS PRACTICE WILL BE OPTIONAL. We will practice at Calvin College at the normal time (6:15pm) because their pool is open.

We would like to put the decision of sending the kids to practice in the hands of the parents because of the conditions. If you plan to keep your swimmer home this afternoon, there will be no absence penalty or consequences for the swimmer. However, we would like an email or a phone call to Rob Knecht (616.890.1335 or to let him know that your swimmer will not be there. We want to be able to keep track of everyone so that we know who is supposed to be there and who is not.

It has been a tough week with practice because of the weather and other extra curricular events. Thanks for sticking with it and for your support!

Eagles Coaching Staff

Tue-9-Feb Meet at Union Rescheduled to Thu-14-Jan

The meet at Union High School originally scheduled for Tuesday, February 9, has been rescheduled for Thursday, January 14. The team calendar has been updated.

Drag Suits Ready Soon

The drag suits will be ready very soon. Please pay your $20 to Justin VanPortfliet ASAP. You will receive your suit after payment is turned in.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Practice Canceled for Wed-9-Dec

GRCS has canceled all evening events for tonight, so there will be no practice tonight. If school is canceled tomorrow, then the Jenison meet will also be canceled or postponed. If school is not canceled tomorrow, then assume the meet is on. We'll make another announcement tomorrow once we know more.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Social Events Schedule and Sign-Ups

Dear Eagles Aquatics Parents,

As you are discovering, there is a lot asked of you when your son swims! We hope it is not overwhelming and want to assure you that the parties and work events do help create a sense of community and comraderie among us all.

Below, you'll find a list of all the social events planned for this season. These events have also been added to the team calendar. For each event listed below, you'll see three different ways you can participate:
  • sign up to host a party at your home
  • sign up to bring food to home meet meals
  • assignments for contributions to parties
For home meet meals, please bear in mind that each family needs to sign up at least once and about ten families are needed to contribute twice. We have elected not to assign the specific meal contributions for these meals, but rather to rely on sign-ups, since you are in the best position to know what you can offer. Please sign up for whatever you are capable of contributing. For example, if you are home in the afternoon on a Tuesday and can prepare baked potatoes, please sign up to do so.

For parties, we have assigned food for you to bring, based on your last name.

We appreciate in advance your generous contributions of time and effort. Any family that does not sign up will be assigned a food item to contribute.

Any questions, please contact Nancy Jonker at the contact info below. Things are off to a good start. We look forward to seeing you all at the Jenison meet this Thursday!
To sign up to host a party or to bring food to home meet meals:
  • do not try to edit the documents below
  • just send an email to
  • be sure to include your name, the date of the event, and the item you're signing up to bring
  • then we'll update the schedules below with your name

Click here to view the above document on its own page.

Click here to view the above document on its own page.

Send email to to sign up.
Click here to view the above document on its own page.

Send email to to sign up.
Click here to view the above document on its own page.

Send email to to sign up.
Click here to view the above document on its own page.

Send email to to sign up.
Click here to view the above document on its own page.

Click here to view the above document on its own page.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Parents: Concession Stand Schedule

Our team is required to staff the concession stand at the Quest Center on four dates this Winter. We have assigned each athlete's parents to a specific date. If your assigned date is not convenient for you, please use the schedule to arrange a trade with another parent. You can find parent contact info here. If you have any questions, please contact Beth VanPortfliet (

Click here to view the schedule on a separate page.

Parents: Social Dues

Social dues are $25. If you have not paid yet, please make a check payable to Jean Arent and turn it in Thursday at the meet or mail it to her at: 4974 Cedar Ridge NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525.
The money goes towards food for after-meet dinners, pasta party pre-conference meet, and for the main dish at the parties after some of the meets. Please turn in your money now as we need to begin purchasing some of our items.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Meet Thu-10-Dec at Jenison

  • Meet starts: 6:30pm
  • Athletes board bus at GRCHS: 4:30pm (All athletes must meet at GRCHS and ride the team bus to Jenison.)
  • Click here for directions to Jenison High School pool.
  • Jenison will probably provide a meal for athletes after the meet.
  • No bus for the return trip. Athletes must arrange their own ride home.

Divers: Practice Mon-7-Dec 3:30-5:30pm at Calvin

Diving practice on Monday has been rescheduled to 3:30-5:30pm at Calvin. Swim practice is unaffected. The team calendar has been updated.

Meet Suits Have Arrived

Meet suits have arrived and will be handed out after practice on Monday. Please pay by check made out to Jack Pyper. Payment is due before the end of this week.
  • Swimmers: $22
  • Divers: $17
Drag suits have also arrived, but still need to go to Holwerda-Snoap for the block "C" and initials. As of now the drag suits will cost $20 to be collected by the captains once the suits are completed. Please wait to pay for drag suits until we find out who is collecting the money.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Optional Practice Tonight at East Kentwood

No practice today. Practice will happen tomorrow (Saturday, 12/5) at the normally scheduled time. We highly recommend finding a pool and doing a practice. Here is a practice for those who can find an open pool. (It is password-protected. Click here for password help.)

East Kentwood’s pool is open from 6:00pm to 9:00pm for open swim tonight. GRCHS coaches will be there shortly after 6:00pm to run a work out. The cost is $4 to get in. This is NOT a mandatory workout, just highly recommended. Click here for a map to East Kentwood's pool.

It will help the guys tremendously if they can find a pool somewhere and do this workout.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Practice Reminder

As a reminder: Practice on Thursday (12/3), Friday (12/4), and Saturday (12/5) will be at Ottawa Hills. Please check the calendar for times.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Absence Policy


The guys have made it through one week of practice and they are doing well! That first week can be really tough.
empty pool
We are switching things up with the attendance and how to communicate that to the coaches. As of Monday, November 30, 2009, Rob Knecht will be the single point of contact for all absences from practice. If your swimmer is going to miss practice, we need you to call Rob and let him know when your swimmer will be missing and why they will be missing practice. There have been lots of swimmers that have missed practice. For some of those swimmers, we (as a coaching staff) know that they are going to be gone but not why they are gone. For others, we have not known that they are going to miss practice at all.

Please contact Rob as far in advance as possible, especially with any vacations that are planned. Also, it may help to review the attendance policy for what is an excused and unexcused practice so your swimmer does not have to make up a practice or miss a meet.

Rob is very accessible and his contact info is as follows:
  • Cell – 616.890.1335
  • Email –
Thanks everyone! We are looking forward to a great second week of practice!

GRCHS Coaches

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Team Photos

This Tuesday is when team photos will be taken in the Quest Center for the Winter Sports Teams. The only guys that have to go from our team are the seniors for the Winter Senior Athletes photo which appears on the front page of the winter sports magazine. The team picture is going to be taken by Mrs. Liverance at Calvin before practice, since we have a big team and everybody will be there.

Seniors: Quest Center after school on Tuesday for the Winter Sports Athletic program cover

Team Picture: Everybody at Calvin before practice on Tuesday

Friday, November 27, 2009

New 2 You Sign-Up

Our swim team has a wonderful opportunity to raise money for expenses by working at the New 2 You Shoppe. We have committed to working on Friday nights in February. We need three adult volunteers each Friday night, and one of them must be male. The volunteers will work from 4-7pm. In return for our efforts we are guaranteed $100 per night or 50% of the proceeds for that evening. This generally exceeds the $100 mark.

This is a great way to show your support for our swim team and help raise money at the same time. Please consider volunteering. You can sign up by leaving a comment below (click here) or email the webmaster ( with your contact information and the date on which you'd like to volunteer. The webmaster will then add your name to the schedule below. If you have any questions, please contact Beth VanPortfliet (

Please note that February 26 is the conference meet. We are still committed to fill that date, but we may do it with more people and shorter shifts. Grandparents or friends also will work.

Thanks for your help and support,

Go Eagles!

Beth VP

Click here to view the schedule on a separate page.

Practice Time Change for Sat-28-Nov

Practice at Ottawa Hills on Saturday will be at 9:45am instead of 10:00am. The duration is the same, so practice will end at 12:15pm instead of 12:30pm.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Schedule Change: 26-Jan EGR meet is now 21-Jan

The meet at East Grand Rapids originally scheduled for January 26 will now be held on January 21. The team calendar page has been updated.

Practice Time Change for Fri-27-Nov

Practice at Ottawa Hills on Friday will be at 9:45am instead of 10:15am. The duration is the same, so practice will end at 12:15pm instead of 12:45pm.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Info Sheet from Parents Night

Here is the information sheet that was passed out on parents night, Thursday, November 19. Click here to download the PDF.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Week Weightlifting

thanksgiving week: weightlifting monday-wednesday 1-3pm

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Workouts

After a number of requests, here are a few documents to help the guys train while away over the Thanksgiving break. Click the lock icon to download each document. These documents are password-protected. Need password help? Click here.
  • This document includes three basic practices with low yardage that the guys can do to get a workout in but not take up a ton of time while on vacation. They are simple and the guys won’t need any equipment…all they will need is a pool. It includes practices that are meant to just get the guys a small workout. These practices represent about half of what they will be doing next week so if there is more time, it may be good to get more yardage in.
  • This document includes more variety and gives the kids a chance to build their own work out. This is for guys that might want to different workouts than the practices that I put together.
Thanks! If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me (616.890.1335) or email me back.

Go Eagles!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Practice and Meet Schedule is Now Available

We have posted our practices and meets on the team calendar. You can always find the calendar by clicking the Team Calendar link in the Quick Links on the right side of the website. Please bear in mind that we expect to make changes to this schedule as the season progresses. When we do make changes, we will announce it on this website. We'll also notify all our email, Facebook and Twitter followers.

2010-2011 Time Goals

Our time goals sheet shows the various time standards for each event, from Eagles letter time up thru All-American. It also shows the school record for each event.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Winter Sports Parents Meeting

Parents of swimmers and divers are invited to attend a parent night in the Quest Center
at 7pm on Thursday, November 19. Immediately after the all-sports meeting in
the Quest Center, the swim and dive team will hold a separate meeting to
discuss the upcoming season.

Hope to see you then!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2009-2010 State Qualifying Times

MHSAA has posted the state qualifying times on their website here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All-Time Records

  • 200 Medley Relay - 1:39.09, tie: Jack VanAllsburg, Geoff Ludema, Erik Arent, Nate Leppink 2009; Quinn Bylsma, Geoff Ludema, Jon Herrema, Kurt VanAllsburg 2006
  • 200 Freestyle - 1:40.67, Brad Flikkema 1996
  • 200 IM - 1:57.26, Geoff Ludema, 2009
  • 50 Freestyle - 21.72, Derek VanderHeide 1991
  • Diving - 538.00, Bill VanEe 1984
  • 100 Butterfly - 52.56, Dean Postma 1985
  • 100 Freestyle - 47.71, Brad Flikkema 1995
  • 500 Freestyle - 4:33.48, Brad Flikkema 1996
  • 200 Free Relay - 1:28.50, Matt Hollebeek, Steve Wolma, Derek VanderHeide, Mark Breukink 1991
  • 100 Backstroke - 55.06, Jeff Snapper 1996
  • 100 Breaststroke - 58.64, Geoff Ludema 2009
  • 400 Free Relay - 3:16.18, Sam DeVries, Jono Jonker, Keeton Tatum, Geoff Ludema 2009

Boer's House

  • Location (click markers on map)

    View Boer's House in a larger map

  • Please park on Onekama and walk to Boer's house. There is no parking at their house or on Breton.

Photos from 2008-2009 Season

If you'd like to contribute your photos, please email them to:

Pyper's House

Click here to enter the password and reveal the hidden content. Need password help? Click here.

Liverance's House

Click here to enter the password and reveal the hidden content. Need password help? Click here.

Password Protection

We require a password to view some of the information on this website. We use a single password for all password-protected content. But obviously we cannot tell you what that password is here. We announced it at the parent meeting. If you do not know the password, please email and identify yourself. We'll email it back to you.

Swets' House

  • Location (click marker on map)

    View Swets' House in a larger map>

Meet Schedule and Results

The most recent top times document is the one furthest down the list. These should all print easily now on letter paper. Please let the webmaster know if you have any difficulty printing a document. I'd be happy to print an extra one and bring it along for you.

DateOpponentScoreResultsTop Times
Thu-10-Decat Jenisoncanceledn/an/a
Tue-15-Decat Grandville
vs Byron Center
L 120-66
W 141-45
Sat-17-DecWest Michigan Relays
at Holland Aquatic
9th of 14
Tue-5-Janat West OttawaL 113-72
Sat-9-JanHolland Christian
Mid-season Invitational
4th of 11
Thu-14-Janat UnionW 119-65
Tue-19-Janat Muskegon Reeths Puffer
at Muskegon Mona Shores
W 121-64
W 114-68
Thu-21-Janat East Grand RapidsL 112-74
Thu-28-Janat HamiltonL 96-90
Tue-2-Febvs NorthviewW 110-70
Thu-4-Febvs Holland Christian
vs Unity Christian
W 100-86
W 140-43
Thu-11-Febat Zeeland EastL 126-60
at Eastern Michigan Univ
Tue-16-Febvs HollandL 107-77
Thu-25-FebOK Black/White Conf
Diving Prelims & Semis
Fri-26-FebOK Black/White Conf
Swimming Prelims
Sat-27-FebOK Black/White Conf
Swimming & Diving Finals
3rd of 7
Tue-2-MarShave Meet
at Holland Aquatic Center
Fri-12-MarState Prelims
at Eastern Michigan Univ
Sat-13-MarState Finals
at Eastern Michigan Univ
Overall Record7 wins
6 losses

GRCHS All-Time List

Click here to view, download, or print the GRCHS all-time list.

Click here to view, download, or print the GRCHS class/decade records


200 Medley Relay - 1:36.41 (2018)
Corey Campbell (23.85), Lucas Oezer (27.66), Julien Camy (23.75), Jake Boender (21.15)

200 Freestyle - 1:40.67 (1996)
Brad Flikkema (23.64, 25.28, 25.77, 25.98)

200 Individual Medley - 1:57.26 (2009)
Geoff Ludema (25.83, 31.05, 33.29, 27.31)

50 Freestyle - 21.56 (2018)
Jake Boender

1 Meter Diving (6 Dives) - 320.45 (1984)
Bill VanEe

1 Meter Diving (11 Dives) - 538.00 (1984)
Bill VanEe 

100 Buttefly - 52.18 (2018)
Corey Campbell (23.76, 28.42)

100 Freestyle - 46.95 (2013)
Ryan Beezhold (22.52, 24.43)

500 Freestyle - 4:33.48 (1996)
Brad Flikkema (24.91, 27.23, 28.06, 28.18, 28.07, 27.87, 27.45, 27.11, 27.36, 27.24)

200 Free Relay - 1:26.99 (2016)
Zach Van Dinther (22.20), Christian Walldorff (21.47), Jake Boender (21.95), Tim Randall (21.37)

100 Backstroke - 51.80 (2018)
Corey Campbell (24.68, 27.12)

100 Breaststroke - 58.64 (2009)
Geoff Ludema (27.12, 31.52)

400 Free Relay - 3:11.67 (2012)
Mitch Schroder (49.07), Jack Van Allsburg (48.49), John Swets (47.60), Ryan Beezhold (46.51)

Jonker's House

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Van Allsburg's House

  • Location (click marker on map)

    View Van Allsburg's House in a larger map
  • 2045 Omena SE - third house on the right

Friday, March 20, 2009

We are now

You can now reach this site via our new domain name:

But resist the temptation to bookmark it. Instead, SIGN UP FOR EMAIL UPDATES!

Banquet Slideshow

Here's the slideshow from the 2008-2009 end-of-season banquet:

You can download the full (300MB+) movie here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

State Meet Photos from Greg Ludema

All 734 of them! Click here to see Greg's photos.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eagles Take Third at State Meet!

You can see the final results here.