Monday, December 28, 2009

Practice Changes

  • Tue-29-Dec: 1:45 - 5:00pm at Ottawa Hills
  • Wed-30-Dec: 1:45 - 5:00pm at Ottawa Hills
  • Thu-31-Dec: 9:45am - noon at Ottawa Hills
  • Fri-1-Jan: no practice
  • Sat-2-Jan: 1:45 - 5:00pm at Ottawa Hills
Please note that practice start time indicates the time swimmers should arrive at the pool. They are expected to be in the water 15 minutes after the posted start time. So when you see a 1:45pm start time, that means in the water at 2:00pm sharp. We have updated the team calendar to reflect these changes.

We'll be posting details on Monday's practice and on Tuesday's meet at West Ottawa as soon as we have that information.

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