Saturday, February 21, 2015

State Hotels

After conference, shave meet, and regionals for diving we will finalize the state team.  We will take all individual qualifiers and figure out what is best for them to swim, then we will decide relays.  If we feel taking an alternate as a possible replacement will help us, we will do so.

So far the state team is as follows:
Justin Bart
Joe Bell
Trevor Nelson
Tim Randall
Zach VanDinther
Christian Walldorff
Connor Satterlee
Jake Boender

These guys will have rooms reserved for them and whoever else is added to the state team.  Parents who wish to get a hotel room should check with the hotel we are staying at, Mrs. Bart has reserved a block of rooms and you just have to use her name to get in that block.  We are staying at the Hampton Inn Auburn Hill South which is near the old Pontiac Silverdome. 

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