Thursday, February 26, 2015

Conference Meet and Team Party details

Please read all of the following details!

Conference Meet - When and where:
-12:00pm is when Prelims for swimming and diving will start at 5:30pm @ Northview High School (4451 Hunsberger Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525)
- If you are a swimmer please be at Northview at 9:30am, warm-up will begin at 10:00am
- If you are a diver please be at Northview at 3:30pm, warm-up will begin at 4:00pm (you may come earlier)

Conference Meet - What you need to do:
- Please understand that if you are not planning on going to school for the first hour, that you need to have your parents excuse from school.  If you don't get excused you will be un-excused from school.  Please take care of this ASAP.
- If you are parking at Northview they are going to have parking closest to the football stadium.  Please also carpool with others.  
- Please make sure that you have eaten well and with enough time before we start warm-up.  Don't sleep in late.

Team Party details:
- Please sign-up for food! and make sure you RSVP so that we can know how much pizza to order.

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