Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Off-season Activities

Parents, please check with your boys about their interest in these activities.

Backpacking - June 24, 25 (Manistee River Trail)  We would leave early Friday morning, get back late Saturday

Cedar Point - June 30 - We would leave early that morning and arrive late that night

Detroit Tiger's game/Zingerman's lunch - July 16 - We would head out around 10:00am and eat lunch at Zingermans and then head to the game (watch batting practice, check out the park, etc.) and arrive home late that night.

I need to know if you are going or not by Thursday, June 16.  Please spread this information to anyone interested in joining the team from our school!  All enrolled incoming 9th graders are welcome also.

Please email me at grchswimcoach@gmail.com

I need to know even if you are not planning on going!

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