Wednesday, March 12, 2014

End of Season Banquet (March 18 - 6:30pm in Town Square @ GRCHS)

End of season banquet will be on Tuesday, March 18th at 6:30pm in the Town Square at Grand Rapids Christian High School.  We will have dinner, awards, and a video of the season.

- Seniors and Sophomores bring a main dish.
- Juniors and Freshmen bring a side dish or salad.
- Desserts, drinks and tableware will be provided.

No need to get dressed up - just come on over and bring the family and something to share.

Make sure that you bring your warm-up jacket and pants and turn them into Pype at the bookstore this week.  The last chance to turn these in will be at the banquet.  Failure to return in time will result in not being able to take your exams.  These warm-ups costed us a pretty penny and we will charge full price for all that are not turned in.  The jacket was $69, pants $45 and they were engraved which will also be added to the cost.  Please turn these in ASAP.  All returning swimmers and divers will get them again at the beginning of next swim/dive season.

If you still have a Calvin swipe card, please turn these in ASAP to Pype as well.

If you lost anything during the season, please let Jeremy know ASAP so that he can look through what he has and see if its in his lost and found bag.

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