Sunday, February 16, 2014

Party at Pruis's

The party following the conference meet will be at Pruis' immediately after the meet.  
- Pruis' home is at 1211 Old Lake Ct SE which is a cul-de-sac north off Lake Drive roughly halfway between the East Beltline and East Paris.  Their home is at the end of the driveway which goes left off the left end of the cul de sac looking down the street from Lake Drive (blue house at the bottom of the hill).  
- Given the quantity of snow, parking will be a bit challenging, so where possible, you are encouraged to car pool (Calvin is very close and a good option for this).  

Pruis' have let us know that there will be space for roughly 20-25 cars near their house and on their street.  
- Parking is available as follows:  Roughly 8 cars will fit near their house (though let's not be shy to go down and use those spaces), the Pruis' neighbors the Winkles have graciously allowed us to use space at their home (another GRCHS family who live at the end of the other drive heading to the right off the cul-de-sac--several more cars will fit there); with the remainder of the parking being along Old Lake Ct.  
- Please only park on one side the street or the street will not be passable.  Anyone with an SUV may also park near the home construction site immediately to the left when entering Old Lake Ct.

The main dish and drinks will be provided.  The class assignments for the pot luck for remaining food and dessert will come in a separate post in the next couple of days.

For the food assignments:
- seniors/sophomores - desserts

- juniors/freshmen - salads or fruit

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