Friday, January 17, 2014

Swim Gear Ready to Order!!

We are offering 3 options for gear - black shorts with swim logo (available for swimmers, divers, coaches only), white t-shirts with logo on front and special picture on back in honor of Pype's 30th year as swim coach, and charcoal gray 1/4 zip pullover with swim logo.  T-shirts and pullovers can be ordered for team as well as family members.  

To order items, go to the google doc link below and fill in your order.  Note that the mens' pullovers are available in tall sizes for L and XL. Youth sizes are available for t-shirts only.  Please fill in your order on the google doc before Monday.  

We will place the order Monday and will get them by the end of the week. 

You can pay for your items when we pass them out. Cash or checks - checks made out to Holwerda-Snoap.

We raised $500 by volunteering at New2You.  That $500 will be split between the 28 swimmers/divers and 4 coaches to reduce each gear order by $16.  (That's $32 for the Bells!)  Thanks to everyone who volunteered!

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