Friday, December 14, 2012

West Michigan Relays (Saturday, December 15)

This Saturday we will be competing at the West Michigan Relays

At this meet all the events are relays and there are about 15+ teams from the West Michigan area.  

1-way bus will leave school at 11:00am for Zeeland.

Swimming warmup starts at 12:00pm
Swimming competition starts at 1:30pm
The meet should take around 3 hours.  

Swimmers who are competing at meet:
Craig Aldrink, Aaron Apol, Justin Bart, Ryan Beezhold, Ben Bell, Joe Bell, Kody Faulk, Matt Greydanus, Michael Hoekstra, Zeb Langeweg, Hudson Liverance, John Liverance, Aaron Matheson, Seth McIntosh, Tristan Ogdahl, Tim Randall, John Soukar, Caleb Sprik, Zach VanDinther, Christian Walldorff

The rest of you may enjoy your Saturday off.

Make sure that you study hard when you can this weekend, we have practice during exam week and we expect everyone to be there. 

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