Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holland Christian Mid-season Invitational Sat-9-Jan

  • Meet starts: 12:00pm
  • Athletes board bus at GRCHS: 9:00am (All athletes must meet at GRCHS All City Gym entrance and ride the team bus to the meet.)
  • The bus is one way, so athletes need to arrange their own ride to Liverance's.
  • Click here for directions to the Holland Aquatic Center.
  • Party at Liverance's for ALL athletes and families after the meet. Click here for details. The party is NOT limited to those competing in the invitational!!
  • This invitational limits the number of swimmers and divers we can enter. So only the following athletes are entered in the meet and can attend:
    Craig Aldrink
    Erik Arent
    Grant Boer
    Jon Faber
    Jono Jonker
    Nate Leppink
    Tyler Ligon
    Grant Ludema
    Greg Ludema
    Bradon Muilenburg
    Brent Primus
    Taylor Pruis
    Mark Randall
    Mitch Schroder
    Clayton Siegle
    Jake Stevens
    Ben Stout
    John Swets
    Jack VanAllsburg
    Matt VanHarn
    Collin VandenBosch
    Michael VandenHeuvel
    Andrew VanderLei
    Justin VanPortfliet
    Troy VanPortfliet

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